Dead man walking?

Dead man walking?

Most mornings as I drive to work I pass an elderly gentleman taking his morning constitutional. My son who takes the same route has also commented on seeing him and both of us now routinely give him a friendly wave to which he responds in kind. As we don’t know him from Adam (he may even be called Adam!) we have nicknamed him “walking man”, not particularly creative but without doubt descriptive.

As the mornings have become darker and with the overcast weather of late “walking man” has wisely donned a hi-vis jacket.  My son and I muse that this is a precaution to ensure we don’t miss him and deny him his morning ritual wave but more likely he has the common sense to ensure we or others don’t hit him in the gloomy dawn light.

On my return journey at this time of year it is now virtually pitch black, particularly along the country lanes and in a similar manner I invariably see another chap walking his two golden retrievers. Again we exchange a friendly wave of acknowledgement as I draw into the village as he is heading out, but in contrast to our “walking man” he doesn’t wear a hi-vis jacket or any means of helping people see him in the dark. He may stick to the few lighted streets but from a safety viewpoint he is an accident waiting to happen and I fight the obvious impulse to pull over and give him a sound piece of advice that could prevent a tragedy. That’s the thing about working in the Safety industry. We talk the (safety) talk with our customers every day and can only hope they take heed.  Maybe I will pop a hi-vis vest in the car and give him an early Christmas present.



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