Don’t let the Fire Service close you down

Don’t let the Fire Service close you down

Owners of a company that could have been closed by the Fire Service are urging others to do as they’ve done by working with officials to make their premises safer.

Fire ExtinguisherBrothers working in the family packaging business in northern Lincolnshire had no working fire alarms or fire extinguishers, and fire doors were wedged open or blocked. The Fire Service had been called to the premises after a fire on a packaging machine, and when officers saw the problems, would have been within their rights to force a closure – but chose instead to work with the brothers to save the firm’s 20 jobs and make it a safer place to work.

Officials issued an enforcement notice and have since worked with the company to make changes. These have included installing fire alarms, and deciding which extinguishers and emergency signing and lighting were needed.

A spokesman for the fire service praised the brothers at the packaging firm for being willing to put right their mistakes, and said a closure would have been counter-productive in protection of the local economy. He urged all businesses to act in a similar manner, and review their fire protection arrangements before an accident occurred.


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