Fire Safety Videos Launched

Fire Safety Videos Launched

Regular customers of Fire and safety centre will have noticed an exciting new addition to our web site with the introduction of a series of great product information videos that give chapter and verse on our most popular fire and safety lines. You will find the video links within our main product pages so there is no need to leave the site to view.

Each video comes with an audio track that explains the specific product range in detail, the range options available and where and how the fire safety product should be used. You will find the videos also explain both the advantages and limitations of specific product choices in detail to help you make an informed choice. They also provide important fire safety guidance, essential do’s and don’ts and live fire demonstrations for fire extinguishers and fire blankets showing the products in action.How a fire extinguisher works

Viewing the relevant video before you buy will give you a real insight into the product and ensure you make the right choice appropriate to the safety risk. The videos are also a great way to provide you and employees with on line training in the correct application and use of fire safety equipment both in the home and in the workplace.

For businesses and fire safety officers in particular there is invaluable information on how to correctly site and install essential fire safety equipment, fire safety notices and emergency exit signs in compliance with current legislation and for homeowner’s practical guidance on how to make your home safe from fire.

We hope you will enjoy our video catalogue and would greatly appreciate your feedback so we can continue to provide the very best customer support information.


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  • Szkolenia okresowe bhp Reply

    In the UK, health and safety regulations are based on the Health and Safety Act of 1974 and the 1992 Health and Safety at Work Regulations and are an important part of an employee’s contract of employment. Anyone knows how it is in European Union? Are there EU regulations regarding Health and safety?

    December 27, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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