Gas Appliance Servicing

Gas Appliance Servicing

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue has launched an awareness campaign to encourage homeowners to get their Gas appliances serviced.  With this Winter turning colder than average, heating appliances are running for longer  and it is more likely homeowners will supplement their central heating with portable appliances. Without regular servicing gas fires, cookers and central heating boilers all have the potential to produce Carbon Monoxide.
SYFR Station Manager Shaun Pilley commenting on the campaign said “During this time of year with the cold snap, many people are using their gas fires more frequently, so it’s really important that they are in full working order and not at risk of producing Carbon Monoxide. Even wood or coal fires can give out carbon monoxide if chimneys are not swept properly”

Carbon Monoxide gas is colourless, odourless and has no taste so is undetectable by the human senses making it particularly insidious. You can have your appliances checked and serviced by any CORGI registered heating engineer. You should also install a British Standard Carbon Monoxide Detector with audible Alarm, available of course from your Fire & Safety Centre.



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