Give thieves a hard time

Give thieves a hard time

This week we received a sizeable order over the internet for what amounted to a small van full of Chukka boots. Not such a great surprise as we had not long since added our PPE range of protective workwear to the Fire and Safety Centre website and the protective boots are on at a very attractive price. What the prospective buyer clearly didn’t know was that we check our internet transactions very thoroughly for any sign of fraudulent activity.
Safety Boots

A simple check showed that the credit card used was most probably stolen or being used illegally. Whoever the fraudsters were they did not get the goods but the Police did get the details and the delivery address given to us. Running shoes may now be more appropriate.

On the other side of the coin internet purchasers should ensure they use secure sites. Our website is compliant with the web code of practice and carries the Safebuy logo that means our systems are independently monitored daily. You should also check the contact details are legitimate and that you have the means to phone the seller to confirm your purchase or report any problems with your order.

Whilst on the subject of security here’s another gem regarding mobile phones which remain a popular target for thieves. If you have a mobile phone key in *#06# and a 15 digit number will appear. This is the unique serial number for your mobile. Write this down and keep it safe (you could invest in one of our fireproof safes and store all your other important papers and valuables as well).Fireproof Storage

If your mobile is stolen call your service provider and give them this code. They will be able to block your handset so that even if the thief replaces the SIM the mobile will be useless. It doesn’t get your phone back but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing the thief has not profited from his or her crime.



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