It’s a dog’s life

It’s a dog’s life

When talking with one of our professional advisors recently we were discussing our mutual interest in dogs and the unpredictable nature of the beast.

He told me about a dog he once owned that unfortunately, and for no apparent reason, bit a visitor to his house. That in itself was enough cause for concern both to the visitor and to himself. That’s without considering what must have been going through the dogs mind at the time to cause it to bite.

As you can imagine the visitor was none too pleased about this episode and the owner and his dog were reported to the police. The story gets worse as the dog proceeded to bite the policeman who attended the scene to deal with the complaint!

It is an unfortunate story but one that conjures up an amusing picture as the policeman dropped his trousers to assess the damage the dog had inflicted whilst the owner quickly searched the house for his first aid kit to tend to his wound!  I doubt the policeman saw the funny side but like the dog owner the moral is to be prepared.



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