Latest advice on Global Warming

Latest advice on Global Warming

I read a short article in the paper the other day that made my flesh crawl. It confirmed to me what I have been thinking for some time and that is the obsessive craziness permeating our ruling classes when it comes to the Carbon Dioxide versus Global Warming debate.

Would you believe that for Lent we are all being encouraged to join in The Carbon Fast to help slow down global warming. The “event”, organised by the Tearfund has the support of my local Labour MP Ed Milliband who I had thought was one of the brighter sparks occupying the benches in Whitehall.
Participants in The Carbon Fast are encouraged among other things to take a shower not a bath, stop eating meat – what’s that about? Drink tap rather than bottled water, eat your leftovers and remove a light bulb, all to cut carbon emissions and save the world. Do they really believe in this twaddle?

I know dozens of decent citizens who don’t have the luxury of a shower, who consider roast beef a treat, can’t afford bottled water and if they took out one light bulb from the living room (they don’t have sitting rooms, parlours, reception rooms, reading rooms etc.) they would be sitting in the dark. Should they feel guilty for declining to participate in The Carbon Fast?

Global changes in temperature are not new. The Earth has been a lot hotter and a lot colder than it is today and the main drivers for this have had nothing to do with Carbon Dioxide which by the way is abstracted from the atmosphere in huge quantities in natures “Carbon Sinks” from sea plankton to photosynthesis. Man has become so self important it cannot contemplate not being in control – and thereby responsible – for everything.

Here’s food for thought. The population of the world is around 6.5 Billion. Now we are told that that’s a lot yes? Rhode Island is America’s smallest state with an area of 1045 sq. miles. If you do the maths this equates to 3.3 Billion Sq. yards. Now as you can easily squeeze 2 people into a square yard you could theoretically put the human population of the world into Rhode Island with standing room.  Rhode Island represents 0.0006% of the Earth’s surface area. So much for world domination.

By the way “the don’t eat meat” plea possibly relates to boviculture – beef production – as the blighters expel copious amounts of methane into the atmosphere which is a far more pungent if not potent gas than CO2.

To bring this back to my primary interest but on a related subject I was asked for a Halon fire extinguisher last week. Halon was once the suppressant of choice for high tech computer installations and laboratory clean rooms. The man made Halon gas choked the fire leaving no residue or other harmful side effects. It fell victim to the ban on CFC’s due to its perceived damage to the Ozone layer and is now outlawed for fire suppression in most developed countries. Fortunately a substitute which is equally effective has been approved and is now used worldwide. You’ve guessed it what else but Fire Extinguishers that discharge Carbon Dioxide. Go figure!



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