Latest Fire Safety Regulations

Latest Fire Safety Regulations

As a subscriber to BSI’s updates I have been informed of the publication of BS 9999:2008 Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings.

BS 9999 gives recommendations and guidance on the design, management and use of buildings to achieve acceptable levels of fire safety for all people in and around buildings and is applicable to the design of new buildings, and to alterations, extensions and changes of use of an existing building.

BS 9999 contributes to the protection of people in buildings by:

• Working to prevent fires occurring in the first place
• Being aware of the types of people in the building and any special risks or needs
• Ensuring that all of the fire safety measures in the building are kept in working order, and in particular that the means of escape are always available
• Training staff and organizing the evacuation plan, to ensure that occupants leave quickly if a fire occurs
• Taking command in the event of a fire until the fire and rescue service arrives.

The Standards objective of “ensuring that all of the fire safety measures in the building are kept in working order” holds resonance with Fire and Safety Centre. We are committed to ensuring that quality fire protection and personal safety products such as fire extinguishers are available at exceptional prices to support everyone’s attempts to meet the requirements of BS 9999.



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