Man’s life was saved by water mist system

Man’s life was saved by water mist system

An elderly man has been saved from a fire at his home thanks to Lincolnshire’s Fire and Rescue Service – and they weren’t even there.

The ‘rescue’ had been set up some time before when the Lincolnshire brigade installed a portable water mist system in the man’s home. Once fitted, the system was ready for action around the clock, so when the man fell asleep in his armchair with a lighted cigarette in his hand, starting a fire, the system was activated, and the fire put out.

Water Mist System

Instead of suffering from smoke inhalation, or even worse, all the man got was a soaking – and he’s glad to be here. He said: “When I woke up the room was wet through. When we all realised what had happened, everyone was just relieved that I was OK. I am really grateful to the fire service for this machine; I might not have been here today without it.”

Lincolnshire’s Fire and Rescue Service is called to smoking-related incidents in domestic properties almost once a fortnight and a fifth of the calls are to the homes of elderly or vulnerable residents.


Karl Turrill, Deputy Community Fire Safety Manager for the service said: “In the last three years, we have attended 81 smoking related incidents in the county. 20% of these have been in the homes of elderly and vulnerable residents. We have a responsibility to protect these people and preventing a fire in the first place plays a big part.


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