One mans car is another mans oil slick

One mans car is another mans oil slick

Am I the only parent who thought that when you finally get to pack your children off to university that they will somehow morph overnight into responsible adults capable of taking care of their own crises rather than expecting us to put our lives on hold and deal with their problems at the drop of a hat? I guess it was wishful thinking as clearly being a parent effectively puts you on 24 hour call.

I received such a call from my son not long after he first went to university to tell me that the “old battered” car we had generously bought him had developed an oil leak. I preferred to think of the car as experienced and characterful but that was now bye the bye as the car was apparently stuck in an underground car park and the recovery truck couldn’t get under the height barrier to recover the car.

Ever resourceful this parent pointed out that as the car was driveable he could extract himself from the car park and then call recovery. Anyway it turns out that in driving out of the underground car park he leaves a sizeable pool of oil in the car parking space and a noticeable trail to the road outside. What do I do Dad was the next question?

If only I’d known that there was such a thing as a vehicle oil spill kit available at the time I would have added it to the University survival pack all good parents assemble before departure. You know the kind of things I mean – soap, an extra pillow, head lice spray etc. Instead I advised him to seek out some sand and pour it over the oil to soak it up. It did the job and after he had swept it up and bagged it the problem was solved to everyone’s satisfaction. As for the car – well character clearly isn’t everything.



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  • Ron Reply

    Thanks for this info. I am glad I stoped by to read this. Even though I am quite familiar with the subject, I find there is always more to learn.

    January 12, 2009 at 5:24 am

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