Poor Santa?

Poor Santa?

Watching breakfast TV this morning whilst eating my daily intake of fibre I laughed at the presenters attempts to conduct an interview with a little girl who was trying to explain how Santa is able to get into the house to leave her presents.

The bottom line was that he took the traditional route and came down the chimney. As stated before in these blogs being involved in the fire and safety business my mind always seems to think of the safety aspect of anything we do. This led me to wonder whether Santa gives any thought to fire precautions and his personal safety given this potentially dangerous modus operandi.

Does he wear safety goggles and a hard hat when he climbs down the chimney? Does he climb down using a portable escape ladder? Does he carry a fire extinguisher on his sleigh for use if he needs to douse the embers before gaining access or worst still sets his beard alight? Should we leave a fire extinguisher alongside the glass of sherry and mince pie?

No doubt you all think I’m mad because clearly a chap like Father Christmas must be fireproof – but hey if I’m to get the presents I have asked Santa for this Christmas letting him know I am concerned for his welfare won’t do my prospects any harm!!?



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