Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

For me Sunday mornings are something of a ritual. Haven risen early, hopefully leaving the wife undisturbed to enjoy her equally ritual lie in, I shower and shave, dress myself – as for now at least I have the faculties to do so, prepare a brew of overly strong black coffee and settle myself to read the Sunday paper which thankfully is delivered prompt by 8.00am. For one hour in a usually hectic week I have the luxury to put fire and safety and all things extinguisher on the back burner and indulge myself by doing virtually nothing.

In recent times – a clue here to my reading proclivities – it has become less of a joy given some of the appalling stories hitting the headlines. One story in particular that left me sad and despairing at the state of our Nation was the shocking case of Fiona Pilkington who killed herself and her daughter following years of abuse from a local gang of youths. I prefer the description years of neglect from our criminal justice system which has been handcuffed by the Establishment’s myopic pursuit of human rights and PC. Rights which are fervently enforced to protect every conceivable minority, including the yobs that terrorised this poor woman literally to her death – are at the same time deceitfully and wilfully denied to the hapless majority.  The right to live free from oppression has been used as the justification for our ill fated international interventionism whilst our own citizens dare not walk the streets of our inner city estates.

The police, who know they can do little or nothing even if they had the manpower, which they don’t, also know that if they did prosecute it would likely come to nought. The odd ASBO here, parenting order there, unfulfilled community service etc. etc. is the most that can be expected.

Not that the Police are entirely impotent, as I read in the same news article, they and the CPS did find the courage to prosecute a 71 year old disabled widow for daring to prod her young tormentor in the chest.  If the prod had been with a 6″ blade, the fashion accessory of choice for the street gangs, rather than an apparently equally lethal and illegal index finger then maybe – just maybe – she could have a case to answer. The message this lunacy sends to these gangs is that they are immune from the law and that the law will protect them if their victim retaliates.

In the mean time we will continue to see an upsurge in sales of CCTV cameras, window grills and razor wire as homeowners driven by the fear factor adopt a fortress mentality. It will no doubt be illegal to use razor wire as it shows prior intent to harm and impede vandals, robbers and deranged psychopaths released into “couldn’t care less in the community” from going about their daily business. At Fire and Safety Centre we have seen a rise in the demand for our arson proof letterboxes in recent months not just from business users but also from homeowners. I also read that in some cases the police are recommending their installation to protect victims of intimidation. Not an indication alas of how much our Society has developed as a caring nation but more how much it has disintegrated.

Maybe the Financial Supplement has more cheery news……………….now let me see   ………aaargggg!



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