Your mobile phone can be a lifesaver

Your mobile phone can be a lifesaver

Digressing from fire protection but developing the theme of personal safety, I am indebted to the editor of my local parish magazine for these safety tips for using your Mobile phone in dire emergencies.

The first tip is one familiar to me as I used to frequently travel overseas. The Worldwide emergency dial code is 112. In practice it is apparently far from worldwide but certainly stands in most of Europe. If you are out of your own mobile network coverage area dial 112 and the mobile will search for the nearest available network to connect the emergency number. Obviously if you are so remote that there is no cellular connectivity then dialling 112 won’t work. On many mobiles you can even dial this number when the keypad is locked.  Just like 999 only dial in a real emergency.

This next one may be new to most of you but I am assured it works.  Let’s imagine you have somehow locked your keys in the car or the battery fails in the remote key. Well if you have remote keyless entry and a spare set at home use your mobile and phone someone at home. Hold your cell phone close to the car door  – about a foot or so – and have the person at home hold the spare key next to their mobile phone and press the unlock button on the spare key. Hey presto your car will unlock. Distance is apparently no object- you can be hundreds of miles away. It’s a neat trick although I am not sure how you might contrive to lock a remote access key in your car. Maybe someone out there can.  Also there is scepticism about the claim as apparently RKE and Mobiles transmit at different frequencies. Best thing to resolve this one is to try it and report back!!

Finally you are just about to make a very important emergency call and the battery low signal sounds on your mobile. Did you know your mobile actually has some reserve battery power that you can access by dialling *3370#. You get a 50% boost in power sufficient to make the call. The reserve will be replenished next time you charge the phone. Now that could be a lifesaver. Again I haven’t tried this.



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  • Neil Reply

    That’s an interesting piece Tony, but I’ll have to correct you on the tip regarding reserve battery power. Pressing the sequence *3370# on some makes of mobile phone actually enables what is called “enhanced full rate codec” which provides better sound quality at the expense of shorter battery life.
    For a longer battery life (upto 30% more talk time in some cases), at the expense of lower sound quality, dial *#4720#. But bear in mind this only works on certain types of handset (such as Nokia).

    January 15, 2009 at 12:50 pm

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