Uses and Advantages of CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) fire extinguishers are ideal for fires involving delicate electrical equipment and Class B liquid fires. They do not work by cooling the fire and therefore not recommended for controlling Class A fires involving solids. Co2 fire extinguishers discharge gas under pressure replacing the air with inert Carbon Dioxide gas which does not support combustion. Co2 fire extinguishers are colour coded with a black label.

Co2 is a gas and can asphyxiate if inhaled. Care should be taken when using in a confined space.

How to Use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher?

  1. Carbon dioxide extinguishers should NOT be used in small confined spaces as the gas will quickly replace the oxygen and may asphyxiate if inhaled.
  2. DO NOT HOLD THE HORN during discharge as it becomes extremely cold. Our Co2 extinguishers are fitted with a double skin insulated horn to prevent cold burns if handled making them easier and safer to use but caution should be exercised. Check the product specification for this feature.
  3. Direct the horn at the core of the fire and discharge working outward as the fire is dowsed.