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Automatic Fire Extinguisher - 12kg Dry Powder

Automatic Fire Extinguisher - 12kg Dry Powder

Code: EXT014APS12
£84.21 ex VAT
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Dry Powder is an effective suppressant on Class A, B, C fires and electrical equipment fires ideally used in confined spaces.

This CE Approved Automatic Extingisher can be used for the following applications: trucks, small boats, large boats, motor sports and engine/plant rooms.

The 12kg Automatic Fire Extinguisher will cover an area of approximately 18 square metres positioned at a height of 3.5 metres.

This automatic extinguisher is fully refillable, it's supplied with a 68 degree red bulb as standard (other temperatures available on request for bulk orders).

Fitted with a pressure gauge to enable regular checking. Bracket supplied.

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click to toggleTechnical Specifications for Automatic Fire Extinguisher - 12kg Dry Powder
Coverage:18 square metres
Fire Classes:A, B, C
Height:400mm (w/ bracket)
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