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Workplace spills can be harmful to the environment, dangerous to your workforce, and expensive to your business. They can lead to lost revenue, environmental fines and wasted employee time. Businesses must factor spill preparedness into health and safety strategies. 

We have a comprehensive product range to tackle all of your spill challenges. Our spill control products include solutions for cleaning spills, preventing spills, and minimising the damage of spills.

Spill control should be a priority for every business - make sure you give it the attention it deserves. Shop our spill control range and find everything you need for effective oil and chemical spill control and management.

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Plant Nappy: Efficient Leak Containment

Intercept and control leaks from machinery, equipment, and vehicles. Capture spills with specialised absorbent material. Easy maintenance and different sizes available for versatile spill control.

Spill Pallets: Secure Spill Containment

Prevent hazardous liquid from spreading. These durable spill pallets capture leaks, help you stay regulatory compliant, and minimise environmental harm - reliable, secure, and compliant spill containment.

Spill Kits: Rapid Response Cleanup

Swiftly respond to spills. These spill kits are equipped with everything you need to fix a workplace spill. Promote workplace safety, prevent accidents, and minimise environmental impact. Effective spill control for prompt cleanup.

Oil Absorbents: Swift Oil Spill Control for Environmental Protection

Efficiently control oil spills and minimise environmental contamination with our range of oil absorbents. The range has everything you need to swiftly tackle oil drips or major spills, including oil-only pads, rolls, pillows and socks. Protect the environment with specialised oil absorbents.

Absorbent Granules: Versatile Spill Management

A flexible solution for easy spill management and cleanup. Our absorbent granules range has something for spills of all kinds, including oils, fuels, chemicals, and solvents. Absorbent granules are the perfect spill management product for a variety of workplaces.

Chemical Socks: Contain Hazardous Liquids

Chemical socks are a popular and effective spill control solution. They are highly absorbent and ideal for strong solvent and chemical spill control.

General Absorbents: All-Purpose Spill Management

Our general purpose absorbents range offers a selection of absorbents for various liquids. Efficiently handle oil, water, and non-aggressive chemicals with our broad selection of absorbent materials.

Specialist Drain Protection: Safeguard the Environment

Prevent spills from entering drains with our specialist drain protection collection. Protect the environment from pollution and maintain environmental regulations and safety standard compliance.

Buy oil and chemical spill control products

Take control of spills and safeguard your workplace with our comprehensive range of spill control solutions. From efficient leak containment with Plant Nappy to rapid response cleanup with spill kits, we have the right products to meet your spill management needs. Ensure compliance, prevent accidents, and protect the environment with our reliable spill pallets, oil absorbents, and absorbent granules. Don't wait for spills; be prepared with our Chemical Socks and specialised drain protection. Embrace spill control excellence today and create a safer, cleaner, and more compliant workplace. Shop now and prioritise spill control with Spill Control Centre from Fire and Safety Centre.