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Fireproof Storage

Document Holders Fire Resistant Cabinets
Security Cash Safes Fireproof Data Safes

A range of cash boxes, flammable storage cabinets, cash safes and fireproof data safes. Fire and Safety Centre offer fireproof storage options from top manufacturers, so no matter what your storage needs, we have a product to suit you. We also stock a range of Fireproof Filing Cabinets.

Call 01724 281044 if you'd like to speak to one of our customer services team about your specific requirements or have questions about any of our Fireproof Storage range.

Soft Pack Document Holder Designed to hold Fire safety and extinguisher records and fire protection... more

Price 7.92 ex VAT
(9.50 inc VAT)

Flame Retardant Document Wallet Offers protection for paper documents in low grade fires. Tested to BS5438... more

Price 47.00 ex VAT
(56.40 inc VAT)

Phoenix Fire Chest The Phoenix range of fire resistant document chests are tested for 30 minutes... more

From 54.00 ex VAT
(64.80 inc VAT)

Lettergard Protected Letter Box Fire protected letter box designed to guard against arson attacks. Constructed... more

Code: ACC014LETT
Price 104.14 ex VAT
(124.97 inc VAT)

Small Flammable Storage Cabinet Solid welded construction in 0.9mm steel. Fully rebated door with lock and... more

Code: CAB207HS0016
Price 141.90 ex VAT
(170.28 inc VAT)

Compact Twin Door Flammable Storage Cabinet Our most popular cabinet. Welded construction. Features fully rebated... more

Code: CAB207HS0020
Price 204.63 ex VAT
(245.56 inc VAT)

Large Twin Door Flammable Storage Cabinet Fully welded construction in 0.9mm steel. Fully rebated doors with chrome... more

Code: CAB207HS0010
Price 328.77 ex VAT
(394.52 inc VAT)

Medium Twin Door Flammable Storage Cabinet This popular sized cabinet has a fully welded construction in 0.9mm... more

Code: CAB207HS0024
Price 218.21 ex VAT
(261.85 inc VAT)

Medium Flammable Storage Cabinet Popular sized cabinet. Strong welded steel construction. Features single... more

Code: CAB207HS0022
Price 148.24 ex VAT
(177.89 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Fire Resistant Cabinet Heavy duty British made fire resistant cabinet for the safe storage... more

Code: CAB120401
Price 253.47 ex VAT
(304.16 inc VAT)

Burton 1 Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinet The New Single Drawer Fireproof Filing Cabinets from Burton Safes have been... more

From 535.00 ex VAT
(642.00 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Twin Door Fire Resistant Cabinet Top Quality British made heavy duty twin door fire resistant cabinet for the... more

Code: CAB120402
Price 318.16 ex VAT
(381.79 inc VAT)

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