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Fire Resistant Cabinets

Manufactured entirely in the UK, our quality flammable storage cabinets and bins offer excellent value and security for the storage of flammable liquids, volatile liquified petroleum gases and hazardous goods including corrosive chemicals.

Yellow cabinets supplied are manufactured in 0.9mm mild steel designed to retain integrity for 30 minutes in a fire, with fully welded seams throughout. Doors are reinforced to prevent distortion and are fitted with 2 point locking handle with 2 keys. Shelves are adjustable in 25mm increments and act as a 25mm deep spill tray. Base of the cabinets have a built in, non removable spillage sump with a depth of 50mm-150mm depending on the size of the cabinet.

As a minimum all models have been designed to meet or exceed Sections 5(1d) and 5(17) of the Highly Flammable Liquids and Liquified Petroleum Gases Regulations and carry the Factory Inspectorates Certificate of Approval No 1, parts 3 and 4. The cabinets also comply with the guidelines set out in the HSG51 Storage of Flammable Liquids.

Note: The Regulations state that 50Litres is the maximum volume of any flammable liquid with a flash point below 32Deg. C that may be stored in a flame-resistant cabinet located in a workshop, regardless of cabinet capacity. Spare capacity may be used to store other hazardous materials falling within COSHH Regulations. Larger volumes may be stored outdoors in suitable secure enclosures. It is the responsibility of the employer/dutyholder to carry out a risk assessment when dealing with flammable liquids.

If you can't find the product you require or would like to make further enquiries about our range of flammable storage cabinets, call our customer services team on 01724 281044.

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Small Flammable Storage Cabinet Solid welded construction in 0.9mm steel. Fully rebated door with lock and... more

Code: CAB207HS0016
Price £145.45 ex VAT
(£174.54 inc VAT)

Compact Twin Door Flammable Storage Cabinet Our most popular cabinet. Welded construction. Features fully rebated double... more

Code: CAB207HS0020
Price £202.44 ex VAT
(£242.93 inc VAT)

Large Twin Door Flammable Storage Cabinet Fully welded construction in 0.9mm steel. Fully rebated doors with chrome... more

Code: CAB207HS0010
Price £299.95 ex VAT
(£359.94 inc VAT)

Medium Twin Door Flammable Storage Cabinet This popular sized cabinet has a fully welded construction in 0.9mm steel. Twin... more

Code: CAB207HS0024
Price £229.50 ex VAT
(£275.40 inc VAT)

Medium Flammable Storage Cabinet Popular sized cabinet. Strong welded steel construction. Features single door... more

Code: CAB207HS0022
Price £147.50 ex VAT
(£177.00 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Fire Resistant Cabinet Heavy duty British made fire resistant cabinet for the safe storage... more

Code: CAB120401
Price £332.58 ex VAT
(£399.10 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Twin Door Fire Resistant Cabinet Top Quality British made heavy duty twin door fire resistant cabinet for the... more

Code: CAB120402
Price £396.47 ex VAT
(£475.76 inc VAT)

Heavy Duty Fire Resistant Chest This quality British made fire resistant storage chest is constructed from... more

Code: CAB120309
Price £368.88 ex VAT
(£442.66 inc VAT)

Mobile Flammable Storage Cabinet Mobile flammable storage cabinet. The strong welded steel construction features... more

Code: CAB207HS0028
Price £315.95 ex VAT
(£379.14 inc VAT)

Large Floor Stand for Twin Door Cabinets Robust steel framed welded construction to suit CAB207HS0020 and CAB207HS0024... more

Code: STA207HS0002
Price £77.64 ex VAT
(£93.17 inc VAT)

Floor Stand for Medium Upright Cabinet Robust reinforced steel welded floor stand to suit CAB207HS0022 Flammable... more

Code: STA207HS0001
Price £77.62 ex VAT
(£93.14 inc VAT)

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