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First Aid Products

Be prepared for emergency first aid in the workplace or at home with our range of first aid products.

Pre-packaged first aid kits contain essential field dressings, bandages and first aid equipment to deal with the immediate consequences of an accident. Also available are a range of eye wash stations and sterile saline solution. Make sure you are properly equipped to administer first aid to your staff or your family.

Our range of first aid cabinets includes mobile first aid cabinets and wall mounted first aid cabinets. Fire and Safety Centre now offer a range of life-saving Defibrillators, available in fully and semi automatic versions and suitable for different environments.

Burnshield Emergency Multi Pack Burncare Kit The Burnshield Emergency Multi Pack Burncare Kit provides optimal burns... more

Price 42.95 ex VAT
(51.54 inc VAT)

Burnshield Responder Kit The Burnshield Responder Kit is designed for use by ambulance staff, those who... more

Code: KIT139BRK
Price 99.95 ex VAT
(119.94 inc VAT)

Burnshield Emergency Rescue Set The Burnshield Emergency Rescue Set is a well-stocked and compact kit for burns... more

Code: KIT139BERS
Price 57.95 ex VAT
(69.54 inc VAT)

Burnshield Combi Trauma Kit The Burnshield Combi Trauma Kit contains everything you could need to soothe... more

Code: KIT139BCTK
Price 259.95 ex VAT
(311.94 inc VAT)

Burnshield Easycare Kit The Burnshield Easycare Kit is ideal for home use, providing many different... more

Code: KIT139BEK
Price 13.95 ex VAT
(16.74 inc VAT)

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