How to Use Fire Blankets?

How does a fire blanket work?

A fire blanket is a simple fire extinguishing device manufactured in flame proof materials, typically glass wool. Fire blankets provide additional fire safety to your fire extinguishers mainly in a kitchen or catering environment. Most commonly they are used to extinguish small contained fires such as chip pan fires in a kitchen, paper fires in the office, barbeques and engine compartment fires. The larger sizes can also be used as a body wrap, ideal for children and young adults and especially useful to childminders for safe evacuation.

As the name implies the fire blanket once released from its container is opened to its full size and placed over the fire to smother the flames. Our fire blankets are designed for quick release and deployment and ideally should be sited in view for emergency access, close to the area of fire risk. In the home where wall hanging may be obtrusive the blanket can be hung on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door close to the cooking area.

Once deployed over the fire, leave for several minutes until all signs of fire have disappeared.  Normally fire blankets are not reusable if the outer sleeve is damaged by the fire allowing the ingress of oxygen.