10 things not to do in a fire

Don’t install smoke alarm detectors
A smoke detector gives early warning of a fire increasing the chances of escape. They are so cheap and easy to fit you can have no excuses

Pop upstairs to retrieve heirlooms, passports and pets
Fire can spread very quickly blocking your escape route. Keep that sort of stuff on the ground floor. Even better in a secure safe or fireproof box

Open doors that have smoke billowing from the joints
Opening the door will add oxygen that will fuel the fire and cause a fireball that could take you off your feet for good. A contained fire may burn out for lack of oxygen

Throw water on a chip pan fireChip-pan Fireball. Whaaaaattt the... !!!
We all know water doesn’t mix with oil. The burning oil will explode spreading the fire and engulfing you in the process. If you are going to throw anything make it a purpose made fire blanket or use a class F extinguisher

Try and escape using a Lift
The electric circuits are often the first to blow. Being trapped in a lift in a fire could roast you alive. Always use the stairwells

Jump from an upstairs window
The fall could kill you. Use blankets as a rope and throw mattresses out to cushion the landing or better still use a purpose made escape ladder

Hide in a cupboard or under the bed
Hard enough for the fire service without having to play hide and seek and it won’t save you from the smoke and heat

Smoke cigarettes in bed
A straight forward no-brainer.

Store solvents and fuels indoors
An easy way to turn a small fire into an inferno. Store flammable liquids in a secure cabinet preferably in an outbuilding

Delay calling the Fire and Rescue Services
Don’t dilly dally. Make them your first call to action. Seconds save lives

If you can you think of any more things not to do in a fire we want to know.