Cavius Smoke Alarms: The world’s smallest

Smoke alarms are vital for both home and business applications. The new Cavius smoke alarms are an effective, bitesize solution to this need, but the Cavius range offers so much more as well.

Here at Fire and Safety Centre, we are so excited to announce a new innovative range of products. The Cavius range of smoke alarms are Danish designed and beautifully blend into the environment in which they are situated. However, that isn’t all, each individual alarm is tested to give customers peace of mind that safety standards are as high as possible; a fact borne out by the CE mark and EN-standard product approvals.

The Cavius Smoke Alarm with 5 year battery and with 10 year battery is recognised as the world’s smallest smoke alarm at 40mm wide and 41mm deep. This makes it discreet and perfect for homes, caravans or mobile homes. A huge amount of technology is packed into a small space and because it is battery operated, it is very easy to install with no hard wiring necessary.

Cavius Wireless Family: More than just smoke alarms

The Cavius range doesn’t start and finish with smoke alarms. There is a whole range of safety alarms and detectors grouped under the category of the Cavius wireless family.

This is where the Cavius innovation really starts to step up a notch. Any of the alarms and detectors contained within their wireless family range can be wirelessly connected with each other. This means that when one alarm sounds in a distant part of the building, the other wireless family alarms installed throughout the building can also sound. This is ideal to alert you to a problem if you would be unable to hear the alarm that has detected the hazard from where you are situated in the building.

Connecting the different alarms and detectors wirelessly is a piece of cake, with clear instructions being included in the box. What’s more, the wireless family doesn’t just include smoke alarms. The products that comprise the wireless family include the Cavius Wireless Heat Detector, the Cavius Wireless Water Leak Detector and the Cavius Wireless Warning Flash Remote.

In addition to these, there is the Cavius Wireless Smoke Alarm and the mains powered version. To complete the wireless family, the Cavius carbon monoxide detector is set to follow later in the year.

Look to Cavius for peace of mind in your home or business

The Cavius range really stands out from the crowd. Their Danish design brings excellent aesthetics and creativity to product types that can ordinarily be bland and a little unsightly. However, let’s not forget that the crucial feature of alarms and detectors is the safety benefits that they can bring. The Cavius range delivers in this area too. Each individual product is tested following manufacture and throughout the range there are industry recognised product approvals.