Holiday travel tips for the motorist

The School Holidays got into full swing this week. The roads will be packed with millions of parents and their over excited kids heading for the beaches of the UK and the near Continent. The Highways Agency is warning drivers to expect major congestion on major routes as cash strapped parents foregoing expensive long haul destinations add to the traffic volumes. For many the holiday will be by far their longest car journey of the year, and probably on an unfamiliar route.

To avoid the journey spoiling the start of the holiday here are some survival tips to ensure you arrive in good shape.

10 things you can’t travel without

1 ) A Route Plan (you can download from the internet) and a current Road map in case you have to detour round road works or accidents – satellite navigation for a laugh if you have a sense of adventure.

2 ) Anticipate traffic jams and pack plenty of liquids – not sugary carbonated drinks and definitely not Coke – the kids will be high enough without the added caffeine. Plain water or juice is best
3 ) Substantial high protein Snacks that travel well. My choice would be Ham or Cheese sandwiches, hard fruits like apples and nuts. Big mistakes are crisps, yogurts and soft fruit all of which can make a merry mess in the back seat.
4 ) A First Aid Kit. A must have not just for the journey but for the holiday itself.
5 ) Things for the Kids to do – wi-fi laptop or portable dvd player, favourite DS games and reading / colouring books. Kids today are regrettably no longer entertained by endless rounds of Eye Spy
6 ) A Mobile Phone and Emergency Telephone numbers such as break down services and make a note of your destination site phone number. If you are delayed you don’t want to arrive to find your accommodation has been re-let.
7 ) Hazard Warning Triangle x 2. Be prepared particularly if you are travelling at night or are taking the B roads to avoid the traffic congestion.
8 ) A 1Kg Dry Powder or ABF Aerosol fire extinguisher. These compact extinguishers are a sensible precaution and an added safeguard if you are camping or caravanning.
9 ) Spare gallon of petrol/diesel and top up water for the radiator. Being stuck in a traffic jam is bad enough without running out of fuel or blowing the radiator.
10 ) Patience. Getting there safely is the primary objective. Keep your distance from the car in front and use the 2 second rule.

If you have more travel tips for our readers let us know.

Enjoy your holiday.