Keeping safe this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for all of us there are some safety reminders that we should have at the forefront of our minds. At Fire and Safety Centre we have put together some tips that may just be of use this holiday season.

Festive Cooking

The Problem:

Christmas dinner can be the best meal of the year but whenever you are making it the same risk still arises, and that risk is a kitchen fire. This can be from overflowing pans or could even be the fats dripping from your turkey and igniting within the oven.

The solution:

Stopping these problems seems simple but some people, for one reason or another, do not have the right safety precautions in place. Make sure you have a smoke alarm fitted in your home or take a look at our heat detectors, which are ideal for a kitchen. Also, make sure you have a fire blanket to hand as they are a great tool for kitchen fires used for smothering the fire and starving it of oxygen.

Electrical Equipment

The Problem:

With every new toy, piece of technology and hair appliance, there is usually one thing needed for them to work and that is electric. Leaving your electrical device plugged in for an extended period can become a fire risk as there is a possibility of overheating especially with chargers and hair appliances such as straighteners or curlers. With hair appliances, some can be quite expensive and there are a lot of imitations out there for a cheaper price. But if you want to purchase a certain brand make sure you purchase the original as it saves lives. Some appliances will turn themselves off automatically when left idle for a certain amount of time. When purchasing make sure to check if your choice has this function.

People who have a lot of equipment to plug in will overload the socket with adapters but if you are doing this always be aware of overheating, scorch marks or burning smells around the socket.

The Solution:

Always make sure when charging any electronic device to unplug and switch off at the wall when finished. When using hair appliances always make sure that you switch off after use and put them on a surface which will not cause burning if they tilt on to their side, also always keeping them out of the reach of children due to their high temperatures and their burning capabilities. When using extension leads or adaptors always make sure you read what the Amp/Watt limit is. As well as this make sure you are aware of what the limit is for your plug socket, so you won’t overheat or blow the fuse.

Christmas Hazards


The Problem:

The main danger with decorations at Christmas time is the tree, whether it’s real or artificial. With real Christmas trees the danger is the tree drying out and catching fire. A dry Christmas tree can cause chaos in the living room and in under a minute your sofa, presents and keepsakes will be up in flames.

Artificial trees can also be a fire risk. If used and stored for many years, the dust that accumulates on the tree may catch fire and cause the same type of problems a real tree would cause. Pre-Lit artificial trees may also be a problem, as multiple years of use could fray or damage wires.

The Solution:

Christmas lights indoors and out always need to be turned off when leaving the home and going to bed as they can overheat, especially older lights. Most modern lights are LED and much safer than in time gone by.

If you find that your pre-lit tree does have wire problems, never risk it. Always replace it as it’s not worth having a large fire risk in your living room. As a fire safety precaution, you may wish to consider purchasing a fire extinguisher for if the worst were to happen. Call us here at Fire and Safety Centre on 01724 281044 to help you decide on the right one.