Safe for Longer

Safes can be an expensive product to buy, with some of the larger models running into the thousands of pounds. However, at Fire and Safety Centre we’ve got your back with the “Safe for Longer” incentive by Burton Safes. “Safe for Longer” provides a 5 year warranty for UK consumers (non-commercial) on a wide range of safes instead of the 2 years which is standard across the whole range of Burton Safes products.

As well as the warranty bonus, “Safe for Longer” also provides customers with the chance to get a FREE replacement if certain safes are compromised in a burglary or damaged in a fire and cannot be repaired. This all comes within the lifetime of the warranty. When purchasing a safe make sure that you register it with Burton Safes and if you need to claim, make sure that you have a crime reference number so that the deal can be honoured. All claims are subject to T’s & C’s. (ask us for more information if needed). When purchasing an item make sure to check for the below badges. This will tell you if the product is available within the “Safe for Longer” incentive.


Green Stamp  Free Replacement in the Event of Burglary – Home Series (within 5 years)
Black Stamp  5 Year Domestic Consumer Warranty
Blue Stamp  Free Replacement in the Event of Burglary or Fire – Home Series (within 5 years)

If you would like to discuss “Safe for Longer” in further detail, please call us on 01724 281044.