Talking fire extinguishers to educate kids


F F and P the talking fire extinguishers
Children are being taught about fire safety in Lincolnshire schools.


The local fire and rescue service has introduced three talking fire extinguishers to teach children how to prevent and escape house fires.

Nationally, around 7,000 people are rescued from fires every year and it is hoped that Freddy, Penelope and Filbert will help educate youngsters on the dangers of blazes in the home.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service plan to use the three digital characters in a new DVD which aims to educate the county’s children.

A previous film featuring the trio was sold throughout the UK and raised £40,000.

Barrie Holden from Lincolnshire based The Fire and Safety Centre backed the initiative.

“Educating children about fire safety is important and these characters help get the message across to that young audience,” he said.