Why spill kits are the most effective spillage clean up options

Grandma knew best once, but there are more effective spillage kit options these days…..

Spill kit products from the Spill Control Centre absorb the pressure as well as the spill, because we’ve created the best options in spill kits for every eventuality. We’ve thought of everything to make sure you can take fast and decisive action whenever there’s a spill of any kind.

When we were children Grandma always knew best about how to deal with spills. A lifetime’s learning had given her a wealth of knowledge equal to the task of dealing with all manner of spills, which she was able to sort in next to no time. Tomato sauce on a white shirt, blood on her best towels, beetroot on the tablecloth and the oil on Grandad’s overalls were no match for her.

There were no formal spill kits in those days, and although I never understood how a swift clip round the ear helped with the effectiveness of her clean-up regime, she was always prepared for anything.

Her spillage kit was what was in the house, and her allies were preparedness and speed. Times have changed. The best way to deal with stains no longer involves the milk, lemon juice and bicarb of soda she used to use, but swift action is still key.

Pick the kit to fit the spillSpill Kit

Our lives contain many more chemicals that were around in Grandma’s day. That’s why our industry has produced a range of spill kits specifically designed for particular hazards.

Oil spill kits, for example, can be used only to contain and clean up oil, and the same is true of body fluid spill kits. Chemical spill kits, on the other hand, are more flexible, and can be safely deployed on any industrial liquids, including aggressive chemicals and oil.

To add another level of readiness, vehicle spills kits are produced in handy sizes so they can be carried in vans and on fork lift trucks, for example; immediately to hand when something gets spilled.

Out on the road it’s a good idea to give serious consideration to ADR spill kits. These not only make you ready to contain and clean up spills, but also to do it in complete safety, since they include protective gloves, masks, goggles and other accessories to keep the user safe whilst they’re completing the clean-up.

How spill kits work

The technology which makes the absorbent material in spill kits soak up liquids is something we’re all familiar with, even if we’re not aware of it. Take a simple kitchen spill, for example. If we’re at home, we’ll probably react to it by reaching for some kitchen roll; at work we’ll probably go for some of the blue paper roll that lives in every cleaners cupboard. The result is the same in every case; we’re harnessing the power of organic chemistry, in just the same way as your cat and NASA astronauts do. 

Size matters in spillage kits

And that’s another piece of advice we’d offer in selecting the right choice from our range of spillage kits – be aware of the different amounts of liquid they can cope with.

Spill kits for blood, for example, clearly need less ‘capacity’ than a diesel spill kit, because, without being too indelicate, less fluid is going to be involved.

The principle is the same with any kit. It contains the right type of absorbent material to deal with whatever’s been spilled, and a means of containing the used product for safe disposal in a controlled way.

Add to that the availability of refills in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you’ve no excuse not to be as ready as Grandma ever was when something gets spilled.

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