7 Things you need to know about our new range of Evacuation Chairs

Recently at Fire and Safety Centre we’ve added some exciting new products to our Evac Chairs range. They are the Ego Evacuation Chair, Versa Evacuation Chair and Versa Elite Evacuation Chair. We think that these chairs are great and that they provide huge benefits to our customers. To help you get to know the new range we’ve written about 7 key things you need to know about these exciting new products.

1. Innovative Technology

The new evacuation chairs come with some really helpful innovations called SOLOGo and StairBlade. Single Operator Load & Go Technology (SOLOGo) gives users an extra hand in the early stages of evacuation. This technology allows a user in a dangerous situation to benefit from easier transfer from wheelchair to evacuation chair, saving valuable time just when it is needed. The chair does need one operator when moving down stairs, but the SOLOGo Technology gives you the opportunity of a faster escape.

These evac chairs also have StairBlade Technology. The StairBlade, located on the back of the chair, has a self-braking track belt which gives the chair excellent grip and control on any type of stairs.

2. Excellent value for money

With any purchase, price is always a factor, but with our new evac chairs you get an excellent product for excellent value. All three chairs come with SOLOGo Technology, a supportive seat, foot rest, fitted cover, wall mounting bracket and StairBlade Technology. The Versa comes with 4-wheel travel and foot brakes to steady the chair when loading. The Versa Elite, like the Versa has 4-wheel travel and foot brakes, however also comes with the added benefit of armrests and the potential for upstairs travel. We feel that, given the hugely competitive price, these products represent excellent value for our customers.

3. Safety Features

Due to the StairBlade technology and wheels on the Ego, Versa and Versa Elite evacuation chairs, they require no lifting or carrying while transporting a passenger downstairs. All chairs come with a seatbelt provided, with the Versa and Versa Elite also coming with a headband. These new chairs come with a high capacity of 28 stone, to assist with larger users. Ideal for an emergency, the chairs come with a feature called Freewalk. This allows the operator more space than any other chair on the market to manoeuvre while transporting.

Range of Evac chairs

4. Legislation Compliance

Good news, all 3 of these new evacuation chairs enable you to comply with relevant legislation. The legislation in question is B.S.9999 by British Standards Institution, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Equality Act 2010 by the UK government. For further information make sure to see our article on Evacuation Chair Legislation, this explains your obligations under this legislation and how these chairs can aid compliance.

5. No-Fuss Assistance

With these new evacuation chairs, as well as helping in an emergency they also help with keeping your business’ budgets down and staff safe. The chairs can be safely stored on the wall bracket with the dust cover that comes provided. This will help prevent accidental damage to the chair or unsuspecting members of staff due to their easy to store nature. If the evac chair isn’t needed it has a 10-year design life and comes with a 12-month warranty. It also has low lifetime costs due to its low maintenance design.

6. Expert Training

With the Ego, Versa and Versa Elite there is an option to add training to your order. The training that comes with this is either 2 person to cascade level or 4 people to operator level. The 2-person training is a cascade course which allows 2 members of staff to be trained on the purchased chair and pass their knowledge on within the business and help teach others up to operator level. The 4-person operator training allows for up to 4 members of staff to focus on how to use the purchased chair directly.

7. All Rounder

Our new evacuation chairs are all-rounders. They are ideal for hotels, schools, universities, care homes, theatres, conference centres, office blocks, high rise buildings and more, the list is endless. The Ego is well suited for any business looking for an all-round, reliable evacuation chair. The Versa and Versa Elite are also an excellent choice for businesses and other high-rise spaces. They excel in places with extremely vulnerable people, such as care homes and hospitals. With the headband on both and the armrests on the Versa Elite there aren’t many other chairs out there that will keep a user as secure as our new range of evacuation chairs.

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