Fire extinguisher commissioning

BS 5306-3:2009 sets out the process for commissioning fire extinguishers in section 4.1. This section states that the commissioning of an extinguisher should be carried out by a “competent person”. The standard defines a competent person as:

“person with the qualifications, training and experience, with access to the relevant tools, equipment and information, manuals and knowledge of any special procedures recommended by the manufacturer of an extinguisher, to carry out the relevant maintenance procedures”.

Commissioning takes place when the fire extinguisher first comes into service.


Please Note: Fire and Safety Centre offer a commissioning option at the point of sale for a fire extinguisher. 

The commissioning is carried out by either our service division, Right Action, or by Walker Fire (UK) Limited our appointed service agents who are a BAFE Registered company. All their engineers have been through the required training to become a “competent person” as described in BS5306-3:2009.