Fire and Safety Centre supply the recommended wall bracket required for fixing to the wall together with your fire extinguisher. We do not recommend using proprietary clamps or brackets supplied for other uses or for different sized extinguishers.

Care should be taken to ensure the structure of the fixing surface and supporting building fabric is suitable for the weight of the particular extinguisher and that the correct screw fixings are used. Fire and Safety Centre includes appropriate wall screw fixings in each extinguisher pack.

As an example, on a breeze block or brick wall we recommend a 7mm masonry drill bit, 7mm brown wall plugs for use with 2″ x 10mm screws. Work should be carried out by a competent person. Safety glasses should be worn while drilling and electrical tools should be earthed. Be careful to ensure that the wall or structure to be drilled is free from electrical cables, pipe work or any other obstruction before commencing fixing.

If wall mounted position the bracket so the carrying handle of larger, heavier extinguishers are approximately 1 metre from the floor. Smaller extinguishers with total mass up to and including 4Kg should be mounted so that the carrying handle is 1.5 metres from the floor. If possible extinguishers should be sited in such a way that it is not necessary to travel more than 30 metres from the site of a fire to reach an extinguisher.

If the extinguisher cannot be sited on the wall we supply a range of fire stands, extinguisher cabinets, fire points and trolleys designed to support or house the fire extinguisher securely. For added security and particularly in unmanned areas we supply a self powered extinguisher anti-theft alarm to warn against vandalism or theft.

It is recommended that a suitable sign is securely positioned close to the extinguisher detailing the method of operation and the Classes of fire for which the extinguisher is designed. The signs for each type of extinguisher are available on this web site. Signs should not be used to replace formal fire emergency training in the workplace.