Compliance: BS 8599 First Aid Kits

A new British Standard BS 8599 has been introduced to meet the changing risks experienced in the modern workplace.

The British Standard BS-8599 became effective on 30th July 2011. The new British Standard replaces the old British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 10, 20 and 50 person first aid kits which are to be phased out by 31st December 2011.

The Health and Safety Executive have worked on the development of BS-8599 but they are not making the new BS-8599 first aid kits mandatory.

Employers should consider the risks they need to cover when considering their first aid provisions and ensure that the contents of their first aid kits covers the risks they identify.

Workplace first aid kits which comply with BS-8599 are available in sizes ranging from small to large and we can also offer, travel first aid kits and catering first aid kits.