3 Quick Tips for looking after your garden birds
 Between the 29th and 31st January the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is taking place, so be sure to give yourself an hour to get outside in your garden, look out your window, or even look from your balcony and count the number of birds to see  how many different species you can count.

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch is free to join whether you are wanting to try something new or whether bird watching is your passion, it is open to anyone. It is a great way to get outside in times when we are not out as much. The relaxing sound of birds and taking yourself away from it all is great for your own wellbeing as well as giving you a new past time.

At Fire and Safety Centre, we are not just Safety in name but Safety for nature. These are our top 3 tips to look after your garden birds.

bird on branch

Photo by craftymee111 on Pixabay

  1. Be sure to install Anti-Climb Spikes
    At Fire and Safety Centre we supply a range of Anti-Climb Spikes that are designed to deter intruders by acting as a visual deterrent and can be easily installed onto your gate or fence. Anti-Climb Spikes come in 3 variations: Prikka Strip, Prikka Brick Strip and Stegastrip. With the Prikka Strip and Prikka Brick Strip coming in a variety of colours to match your garden. So, why are these helpful to your garden birds?They are made with high quality plastic materials which are weatherproof and they can be effective at deterring unwanted cats without causing pain and discomfort to them. This, in turn, will give the birds a calmer and safer place to relax.

  2. Have easy access to a bird feeder
    Most birds love to settle in a garden where some food is readily available. A bird feeder (together with bird food) is the ideal product to bring multiple species to your garden. Whilst we don’t sell these here at Fire and Safety Centre, they are essential products to buy, being widely available at low prices. This will help with getting into the hobby of birdwatching. If you fill your feeder regularly,  you will frequently bring birds to your garden. The bird feeder will be great for your hour during the Big Garden Birdwatch as you will need to have a keen eye when taking note of what you are observing.

  3. Water is key
    In your garden, as well as having a feeder available, a fresh water source or a bird bath is also essential. Bird baths, just like bird feeders do not need to be expensive and can be made from metal items which arch inwards such as bin lids. If you would like an all year round bird bath you can purchase one that can be heated for the colder temperatures, preventing water from freezing over. The lower the bird bath, the more birds will come. Be sure to also fill with a light layer of stones to give the birds solid ground to stand on.