4 Reasons Why We Love Co2 Fire Extinguishers, and How They can Help Your Business

At Fire and Safety Centre, we sell a wide variety of fire safety products, including fire extinguishers. Today, we want to let you know about why we love our Co2 fire extinguisher range. They’re small in stature but are a huge help when it comes to protecting your business.

We could give you a long list of positives when it comes to Co2 fire extinguishers, but for the time being, we think we’ll just leave it to 4. See below why we love them and how they can help you.

Top Quality Product

Co2 fire extinguishers are made with highly compressed Carbon Dioxide and when stored inside the container it will turn into a liquid. However, when discharged the Carbon Dioxide is released as a gas which acts to displace the oxygen in the air, smothering the oxygen present, in turn extinguishing the fire.

Co2 fire extinguishers provide protection against Class B (flammable liquid fires) and Electrical fires. All our Co2 fire extinguishers have one or multiple of the following approvals: CE marked, MED approval or Kitemarked and conform within health and safety guidelines. We have 2kg and 5kg sizes available which can be purchased in stylish red or chrome finishes. Everything about our range says quality, please visit our range here to see the specs of each individual extinguisher.

Ideal for the Modern Workplace

If you walk into an office today and don’t see at least one computer, you would be very surprised. Most offices have multiple computers, monitors, printers and other electrical devices all plugged in to extension leads in confined spaces.

Co2 extinguishers are the perfect antidote for this fire risk. Co2 extinguishers can tackle electrical fires, as the liquids that form in the canister are non-conductive meaning that the equipment will not be able to give you a sudden shock while you are trying to extinguish the fire.

Make sure that you keep a Co2 extinguisher close by in an office or server room.

Not Only for the Office

Co2 extinguishers are an ideal colleague in the office. However, it’s not the only place that will reap the rewards of a Co2 fire extinguisher. Garages, construction sites, labs, engine rooms and cars will benefit from a Co2 fire extinguisher for its ability to combat flammable liquid fires.

It is effective on oil, petrol, diesel and solvents. Due to the Carbon Dioxide smothering the oxygen as described above, it could help to avert disaster in any of the above places.

After effects

If you need to use a Co2 fire extinguisher you will be amazed at the effectiveness of its contents. It will not leave as much unwanted chemical or solid residue that a powder or foam extinguisher will tend to produce. It will also cause less damage to sensitive electrical equipment.

Hopefully you can now see why we love Co2 fire extinguishers and how they could help your business.

If you would like to purchase or discuss Co2 fire extinguishers further, give us a call on 01724 280144 or order online at www.fireandsafetycentre.co.uk.