A Fire Blanket is for Life.

A fire blanket should be a must have for all householders and many businesses as they provide the ultimate fast response to extinguish small fires particularly chip pan and grill fires in the kitchen but also fires in waste paper bins and on workbenches. A fire blanket can also be used as a protective fire resistant body wrap to protect you in a fire related evacuation. They are inexpensive and very efficient.

How do fire blankets work

In order for a fire to burn heat, fuel and oxygen must be present. This is known as the fire Triangle. If you remove any one element of the Triangle the fire will extinguish. A fire blanket that is placed over or around a burning object cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire, thereby extinguishing it. Fire blankets for domestic use are usually made of fiberglass or fire retardant wool and are folded into a quick-release container for ease of storage. Larger blankets are often wall mounted in quick-release pods so that they can be deployed in seconds.

The safest way to use a fire blanket

Pull the blanket from its container and unfold so that it is completely opened
Put on fire-resistant gloves, if available. Oven gloves are fine for the job
Pinch the top corners of the blanket or wrap your hands in the top edge of the blanket on the opposite side to the fire to protect your hands from the heat and flames
Approach the fire using the Blanket as a shield and completely cover the flames with the fire blanket by throwing the blanket on top
If safe to do so press the outer edges down into close contact with the surrounding surfaces to reduce airflow to the fire
Leave the blanket in place for at least 20 minutes even if you think the fire is extinguished to allow the fuel to cool down completely. Hot oil and other combustibles can reignite spontaneously if above their ignition temperature