Best Ways to Stay Safe this Winter

Ice! You little Grit!

Every year there will be that one time where you slip, try to keep yourself up in the air and just about manage it. With a bit of thought, there are so many ways this could be avoided, especially in places such as car parks or public pathways.

That simple answer is grit. The spreaders are out on the roads every time the temperature drops, so why are some places with high foot traffic left, leaving people to fend for themselves?

For most workplaces with large car parks the best way to keep your grit nearby is in a Grit Bin at the front of the car park or public pathway so it is ready to be accessed easily first thing in the morning! Crucially, stored grit needs a way to be spread so make sure you have a salt spreader or rock salt spreader to hand for spreading the de-icing salt. These spreaders are easy to use and help to cover a large area.

Safety Starts at home

Snow Shovels are the ideal product when snow has taken over your driveway. They are cheap to buy, durable and easy to use. If it isn’t snow and it is ice that has consumed your drive combat it with a bag of de-icing salt or Winter Wizard. The aptly named Winter Wizard comes in a 5kg tub with a scoop and can be easily spread around covering up to 400m2!

  1. Wear Appropriate Footwear
    Make sure you have shoes, trainers, boots, or wellies with strong grip which can help you on icy or snowy surfaces. If you need shoes with lesser grip be sure to keep them in your car or bag!

  2. Always Plan Your Journeys in Advance
    If you know snow or ice is coming be sure to create time to de-ice and set off earlier. Try sticking to roads which you know have been gritted and are safer, because getting to your destination safe is the most important thing!

  3. Keep your Distance
    Whatever form of transport you use, be sure to keep further away from the vehicle in front. With longer braking times possible, that extra few metres could save you and others from a crash!