Cat Litter Rescue
As it is coming up to Christmas I have been calling a few old pals who have relocated to far flung parts of the world just to wish them the best of the season ahead. It’s always good to keep in touch and dare I say comes in handy when holidays are in the planning stage.

I was talking to one old friend who is currently working in Wisconsin in the Northern USA where they get real snow. By that I mean foot after foot of it more often accompanied by sub zero temperatures -that’s Celsius!! Not surprisingly for two Brits the conversation turned to the weather.

He told me of an incident where he had become stuck in a snow fall at a shopping Mall and being a mere Brit was unprepared for such a situation. Apparently the local folk in Wisconsin are very friendly and helpful and a young attractive woman quickly came to his aid. She was carrying a snow shovel in her car and of all things a bag of cat litter – not the paper based stuff but the granules. Now the cat litter had been purchased for her cat but she proceeded to sprinkle it on the ground around the tyres once the bulk of the snow had been cleared.
To his amazement he was able to drive out without further problem.

Now I’m not proposing that we add cat litter to our Winter Safety Products range but we do have rock salt, Magic Ice Melt – which really is amazing – and a range of snow shovels and pushers that will fit easily into a car boot. And if you have retail or industrial premises we now supply Grit Bins in a range of sizes so you can treat icy access roads, car parks and paths.