Choosing the right Fireproof Safe

Our fireproof safes are independently Certified in accordance with the industry recognised EN 1047-1, NT Fire 017 and EN15659 quality standards.

EN1047-1 is the principal standard for burglary protection which defines a range of security classifications from Grade 0 to Class VI with Class VI giving the highest level of security from burglary attack. From an insurance standpoint it is vitally important to ensure you choose the correct level of security consistent with the value and type of contents to be stored. Generally if cash is to be secured choose the Grade of safe consistent with the maximum amount of cash held. The amount of valuables insured, such as jewellery is normally 10 times the designated cash rating. Where a safe is awarded a certificate to EN 1047-1 details can normally be found on a plate inside the safe door.

Burton FiresecValid test certificates to EN 1047-1 are widely recognised by the insurance industry although you should be aware that any safes carrying a Grade for burglary protection that weigh below 1000kg must be properly anchored to the floor and /or wall, otherwise your insurer may invalidate any claim. So when choosing a safe in this category make sure it has floor and wall bolt down capability.

In addition to burglary protection additional Approvals to NT Fire 017 and EN15659 are Certificates awarded to safes for fire resistance and differ in several respects.
In a fire event Fireproof data safes for Digital Media including CDs, DVDs, back-up tapes, etc. are required to prevent the internal temperature exceeding 52 degrees C and the internal humidity exceeding 85% above which the sensitive media will degrade.

A Fire Safe for protecting documents is required to limit the internal temperature at below 177 degrees C above which paper will ignite. Although you can safely store paper alongside digital media in a Datasafe storing digital media in a Fireproof Data Safe may not protect it in the event of a fire.
Fire security Certificates given for compliance to NT Fire 017 and EN15659 are also given ratings according to the duration of fire protection afforded typically from 30 minutes up to two hours.

You should also be very careful when choosing a security safe that carries a burglary protection certificate that the lock used has also have been certified as offering an equivalent degree of protection in respect of the relevant EN 1300 performance standard. If not, then the safe’s burglary protection certificate may be rendered invalid by your insurer.

If you are in any doubt on which safe you need talk to our specialist advisors.