Christmas on the Orient Express
In one of my recent posts I mentioned the dismal thought of dark nights and a long time to spring.

I then open my emails this morning and get presented with an offer that lifts my spirits even just for a moment.

“Christmas on the Orient Express”
“Be transported back to the heyday of sumptuous train journeying this Christmas by stepping onto the Orient Express.”

How many times have you thought wouldn’t it be great to get away from it all at Christmas. I know I have every year!!

Being in the fire and safety business it was a short step to get me thinking about fire and safety on trains and how fire precautions might be different for the Orient Express compared with a conventional train.

I don’t have the answer but perhaps somebody has? I guess all trains will have the obligatory fire extinguishers to combat a fire and emergency hammers to break through toughened glass windows to aid an escape in the event of a fire or accident. Maybe on the “Orient” the designer conscious choice would be our stylish polished chrome fire extinguishers.

Maybe some lucky person out there is taking the trip this Christmas and can report back but I suspect your average Orient Express passenger will not be as preoccupied as I am with fire and safety issues and I can’t say I blame them.

Anyway less of the fire and safety thoughts I prefer to dream about spending a few days on a “sumptuous train” over the Christmas period. Maybe one day……