Fire and safety advice centre – All the information you ever need to know on all things fire and safety

Our fire and safety advice centre provides invaluable learning tools and information to help both businesses and individuals choose the right fire and safety products and stay on the right side of the law.

At Fire and Safety Centre, we know a thing or two about fire and safety – both for individuals and in the workplace. We have been trading online since 2007 and we have helped thousands of customers.

We have always been keen to provide our customers with up to date guidance and advice on all things “fire and safety”. So, let us introduce you to our brand new fire and safety advice centre.

Our advice centre has been designed to bring together all of our helpful and informative content into one user friendly section of our website. It covers our blogs, videos and much more, and we have given you an idea of what to expect below.

Fire and safety blogs

The blogs from Fire and Safety Centre are all written in house and comprise of new and original content. They are aimed at providing focused and clear information on legislation, products and topical events. Our new advice centre groups the blogs into distinct categories to make it easy for you to navigate your way around.

Fire and safety videos

Fire and safety products can often be confusing and daunting to those who are not familiar with them. This is why we have produced a large number of in house product videos which are aimed at demystifying these products and providing simple and clear product and buying advice.

Fire and safety advice

This section includes a wide range of advice on a number of fire and safety topics. This may include analysis of legislation and legal requirements or general buying advice on some of our products. A great example in our tools section would be our Fire Extinguisher Wizard which allows you to select the right type of fire extinguisher for your needs in a few simple steps.

Fire and safety FAQ’s

On a topic as wide ranging and diverse as fire and safety there is no such thing as a stupid question. In our advice centre, we have collected some FAQ’s to try and assist you with some of the more common questions that we get asked. However, we always love to help with your questions so please feel free to call us on 01724 281044 and you may find that your question becomes another one of our FAQ’s!

Fire and safety in the workplace – E-book

In late 2015 we produced an e-book aimed at businesses of all sizes to help them in understanding fire and safety in the workplace. We are very proud of this e-book and we have had some great feedback – follow the link to it here. Over time, we may be adding further e-books as the topics arise and we will group all of these on our new advice centre.

At Fire and Safety Centre, we love to hear from you

So, go ahead and check out our advice centre. We would love to hear your thoughts and any comments that you may have.