Fire Safety in the Home Quiz

Test your knowledge of fire safety in the home with our fire safety quiz. You may be surprised by some of the answers but they may prompt you to review your home safety provision

1. Approximately how many domestic house fires were reported in the year 2010-2011
a) 15000
b) 30000
c) 45000

2. What is the commonest cause of death in a house fire
a) Burns
b) Heart Failure
c) Smoke inhalation

Pan Fire

3. What sources of fire cause the most deaths in the home
a) Open fires and heaters
b) Cooking fats and oils
c) Cigarette Smoking and Smoking materials

4. Which is the worst place to fit a smoke alarm?
a) Hallway
b) First Floor Landing
c) Kitchen

5. What proportion of accidental house fires start as a result of cooking?
a) 30%
b) 50%
c) 70%

6. What is the most common cause of cooking related fires?
a) chip pans
b) grill pans
c) frying pans

7. What should you NEVER use on fires involving cooking oils and fats?
a) Water Fire Extinguisher
b) Fire Blanket
c) Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

8. What should you NOT do to put out an electrical fire?
a) pull the plug out
b) pour water on the fire
c) smother the fire with a fire blanket

9. What is the number one cause of scald injuries among young children?
a) hot drinks
b) irons
c) saucepans

10. How long after you have made a cup of tea can it still scald a baby?
a) 10minutes
b) 15 minutes
c) 25 minutes

11. Which age group is most at risk of death or injury by fire
a) 1-29 years
b) 30-59 years
c) 60+ years
12. Over the last 10 years by what percentage have fire related deaths and injuries fallen as result of better fire safety provision.
a) 12%
b) 24%
c) 34%

13. The introduction of what is regarded as most responsible for the fall in fire related injuries and deaths?
a) Fire resistant foam and textiles in furniture
b) Smokeless fuels
c) Smoke Detectors
14. How long should you try to extinguish a fire before evacuating?
a) 30 seconds
b) 2 minutes
C) 5 minutes

15. Which odourless lethal gas can be formed by poorly maintained gas, oil and solid fuel boilers?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Carbon Monoxide
c) Methane

Answers: d, c, c, c, b, a, a, b, a, b, b, c, c, a, b