Kitchen Nightmare

Unfortunately my wife recently succumbed to the annual bout of common cold that seems to be prevalent at this time of the year.

I’ve sometimes been described (I think unfairly) as a Victorian husband and therefore unaccustomed to fending for myself particularly when it came to the dark art of cooking. You can imagine therefore the horror when I realised that my wife’s incapacity meant I would have to actually make our teas or go hungry!!

Never fear, I rationalised, I have my trusty dry powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket within arms reach and if I forget that I have put the grill on in my haste to watch my favourite TV programme at least the smoke alarm will alert me to the pending disaster of my house being burnt down!

In the event I think I managed the task quite well but I don’t think my wife was overly impressed with my version of beans on toast! I would concede that possibly the toast was slightly nearer burnt than crispy but no one’s perfect! Now where’s that recipe for boiled eggs?