Practical uses for a Fire Extinguisher Stand

The correct Siting of fire extinguishers is an important consideration for compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO). To quote the handbook “Extinguishers should be located in conspicuous positions, available at all times for immediate use and fitted on brackets or extinguisher stands where they will be readily seen by any person following an escape route. Fire extinguishers should be securely hung on wall brackets. Where this is impractical extinguishers should be located on suitable extinguisher stands so the extinguisher is not in direct contact with the floor.”

The reason why this provision is in the Code of Practice is that extinguishers are unstable and require support to prevent toppling and subsequent damage to the unit. Equally on hard surfaces like tiles or concrete, moisture from cleaning, spills or the elements can corrode the canister.
In practice there are many other reasons for using a fire extinguisher stand. Where the building fabric, such as stud or partition walls is inadequate to take the weight of an extinguisher, a floor stand allows correct siting to the codes. Similarly where wall space is at a premium or non-existent for example in open plan offices, large workshops, catering kitchens and laboratories an extinguisher stand enables siting adjacent to the fire risk. The inherent portability of fire extinguisher stands also has advantages for landlords as they can be easily relocated or replaced to meet the specific fire safety requirements of incoming tenants.
Where security is an issue, particularly on garage forecourts, temporary works, public and leisure events and building sites an extinguisher stand allows the units to be moved to a secure location when the premises are unoccupied. Wheeled extinguisher stands can also be moved easily from location to location in response to any changes in working practices affecting the fire risk assessment of the site. Once a project is complete wheeled extinguishers can be easily redeployed to the next site.
There is a wide range of fire extinguisher stands to suit every application and budget from single composite plastic fire extinguisher stands, economy rotationally moulded and tubular fire extinguisher stands for up to three extinguishers and an extensive range of wheeled extinguisher trolleys and fire points for commercial use.