Safe Journey
I received an advert recently for a villa to rent in Costa Rica. Strange really given that I’m not in the market to rent a villa and never have been!! How do these people get your details??

What was interesting though, was that in the sales literature the promoters listed all the home comforts you might expect to see e.g. dishwasher, microwave, ironing board, coffee maker and so on….. plus a fire extinguisher!

How many people would ever think of making sure a villa had a fire extinguisher before they booked it, unless they were involved in the safety business like me? Why not though I ask? I believe raising the profile of fire protection and personal safety would strike a chord with many given recent well publicised holiday tragedies?

Perhaps more travel companies and letting agents should realise that including all the fire protection and safety equipment in the property particulars might give them an edge over their competition. What about the smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and maybe even a fire sprinkler system? I certainly would be more likely to book a property if I knew the owners had my safety in mind and not just the income I was set to generate.