Stop Phone & Laptop Battery Fires
Your phone, laptop or tablet is in constant use, whether on standby or being operated. Generally, all of these products are powered by a Lithium-ion battery. When using a reputable brand, these batteries are well designed, however nonetheless, they all present a possible fire risk that should be considered. If a fire were to start it could cause major damage to your device and potentially to your home.

You can take some simple measures to reduce your fire risk and these include:
  • When you are using devices make sure that you are not letting them overheat, make sure you are more observant of this if you have a cracked phone screen as the vital parts that cause fires could be damaged!
  • Be sure to ALWAYS buy the legitimate version of a product as fakes or cheaper unbranded alternatives can be dangerous even though they are usually at a price that seems too good to be true. There is a reason for that!

    However, if the worst was to happen, there is now a way to combat these fires head on: Lith-Ex fire extinguishers. They act by smothering the fire with their non-toxic and environmentally friendly extinguishant called AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) which will cool the heat fast and prevent re-ignition. Lith-Ex fire extinguishers can be used on fires caused by faulty batteries in appliances such as laptops, phones, tablets, power tools and forklifts.

    Features of Lith-Ex extinguishers

    At Fire and Safety Centre, there are 5 sizes available, these are the 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre, 6 litre and 9 litre models. Other than how much extinguishant they hold, they all have the same features which puts them at the forefront of safety against battery fires!




    They are all made to be lightweight and compact, with the heaviest being the 9 litre at only 14.5kg!

    All models are CE marked and have a 5 Year Guarantee!

    They also carry a Class A fire rating for use on wood, paper & textiles!

    They feature a distinguishable green label and on larger sizes have a green covering on the bottom!

    Lith-Ex fire extinguishers are the new kid on the block when it comes to fire extinguishers. However, we think that they could be seen in offices across the country in the near future, as well as in homes/home offices due to their versatility.

    As well as offices and homes, construction sites and warehouses could also benefit with the amount of power tools and forklifts that are present.

    If you would like to discuss Lith-Ex fire extinguishers any further call our sales team on 01724 281044 or contact us through our live chat service on