The ultimate home fire extinguisher
In writing this blog I have studiously tried to avoid unnecessary and blatant plugging of the products and services we offer. I am breaking this rule just for once as I think a new fire extinguisher we have just introduced raises the bar for fire risk protection for the home user.

The aptly named Synergy is an ABF rated extinguisher. That’s Class A, Class B and Class F which interprets as effective on extinguishing solid combustibles like wood, coal and paper, flammable liquids – most notably petrol and other flammable hydrocarbons and best of all cooking oils and fats where it has a 25F rating. This equates to putting out a burning deep fat fryer of around 25 litres capacity – big enough for some canteens and mobile catering outlets never mind a domestic kitchen.

If you think of the most common sources of household fire then the Synergy ABF has it covered. It is also a foam solution not a dry powder so makes less mess when used and is safe to use on fires involving live electricity. Taken together you have to concede it’s impressive credentials.

At 2 litres it’s compact and has practical application for boats, caravans, cars and vans in addition to domestic kitchens and catering outlets. Up to now Wet Chemical was the only true Class F extinguisher but they perform poorly on Class A fires unless you go for the large 6 litre version and have no Class B rating at all.

So there you are – overt plug or not – I see bringing the Synergy ABF to your attention as my civic duty!!!