What is COBA Matting?

We are excited to announce that on Fire and Safety Centre we have added a new range of workplace matting by market leaders, COBA. COBA Matting offers a range of high quality flooring solutions for workers who are standing on hard surfaces for extended periods. These products are ideal as they have anti-fatigue qualities which allow for better blood circulation, helping to prevent musculoskeletal problems from occurring, as well as improving workplace health and safety.

Anti-Fatigue Matting – What is it?

Anti-Fatigue Matting is made with soft comfortable materials that will aid standing workers’ blood circulation. Our helpful video below will provide you with a more in depth insight into how these excellent products work!


What Products are Available?

On Fire and Safety Centre we have Orthomats, Anti-Fatigue Mats for Dry Areas, Anti-Fatigue Mats for Wet Areas and Anti-Slip Mats. All products can bring something different to the workplace.

Orthomat anti-fatigue mats are ideal for dry environments and can be used in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and offices. All designs are stylish and are available for purchase in a variety of sizes. All models have high anti-fatigue properties and will allow staff to stand for extended periods easing their discomfort. There are many styles and colours to choose from to help blend in with your workplace!

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Dry Areas are made with high quality durable materials. They are also best used in dry environments similar to Orthomats. There are a large range of styles available, with the option of creating your own workspace in larger or unusual areas with the Deckplate Connect or Bubblemat Connect. The Deckplate range, in particular, is hugely popular with its resilient vinyl top surface proving to be very hard wearing. This makes the product ideal for heavy-duty industrial settings.

Deckplate Safety

Our range of Anti-Fatigue Mats for Wet Areas come with holes which allow spilled fluids and swarf to be collected or drained, allowing the mats to stay dry and keep their grip, whilst not causing any danger. They all have excellent anti-fatigue properties and give staff in wet areas peace of mind when standing for long periods. Some models are also uniquely designed to be hard-wearing in oily and greasy environments, the High-Duty is a good example of this.

Anti-Slip Mats allow staff a safe place to stand in areas where there is high foot traffic and slip hazards are present. All products are made with hard-wearing materials and can be used indoors or outdoors in wet or dry environments.

If you need to improve your workplace safety, be sure to contact us at Fire and Safety Centre on 01724 281044 so we can help you find the right mat!