BS EN14470-1 Fire resistance

The British Standards Institute, has formally adopted the European Standard EN 14470-1 as BS-EN 14470-1 for regulating design and performance of fire resistant flammable substances storage cabinets. The fire resistance of cabinets manufactured to this Standard is classified into 4 categories of fire protection (ratings Type 15, 30, 60, 90). The Type numbers correspond with the fire resistance of the cabinet in minutes and is the minimum time taken for the internal temperature of the cabinet to rise by 180⁰ Centigrade when tested in a furnace according to BS EN1363-1.

Fireproof Cabinets made by Asecos are designed to the demanding new BS EN14470-1 British Standard to protect the contents from the damaging effects of fire. A Type 90 fireproof cabinet will prevent the internal temperature of the cabinet from rising more than 180⁰ Centigrade for 90 minutes. A Type 30 fireproof cabinet will prevent the same temperature rise for 30 minutes.

Given ambient temperatures of approx 20 Degrees C this means the temperature within the cabinet will be held at below 200 Degrees Centigrade for the respective designated period of time, which is generally below the auto ignition temperature of most petrochemicals and solvents.

Fireproof cabinets can also be used to store other hazardous substances including bio-hazards and chemicals and are available with dual compartments for mixed hazard classes. A high degree of customisation is possible to ensure the cabinet exactly meets your requirements.