Compatibility Chart for Hazardous Substance Storage

The table below provides guidance on the Storage of Hazardous material. It lists the most common hazardous materials and indicates which are compatible and can be stored safely in the same cabinet or store room and which are either not permitted or permitted with restrictions.

*Note the information given above is correct to the best of our knowledge for the substances listed. If in doubt you should consult a qualified safety professional.

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The British Health & Safety Executive has published a website supplement concerning the internal storage of flammable liquids.

Please have a look at:

The key facts are:

  1. No more than 50 litres of highly flammable liquids (the HSE define highly flammable as meaning the maximum ambient temperature the air might reach — nominally 32°C) in any one room using a cabi- net built according to BS Even then there must be no air gaps. So several single skinned manu- factures may have to at the very least change design and add intumescent tape 
  1. If a user wishes to store more than 50 litres he must firstly conduct a robust (strict) risk 
  1. The above risk assessment contains 2 new points. Firstly the fire performance of the cabinet will be taken into account. This includes insulation properties and clearly EN 14470-1 cabinets have no equal. Secondly the arrangements for doors closina in the event of a fire will be taken into This means the FM cabinets, with mechanical door closing (the version sold in the UK) will have to add a self-closing mechanism whereby the insulation properties are far inferior to EN 14470-1 cabi- nets. 
  1. The HSE apply the above guidance to workrooms, process areas and similar as well as laboratories.

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