Discover the Quality of the asecos Fireproof Cabinet Range

Asecos cabinets are high quality hazardous material storage cabinets, for storing flammable liquids and gas bottles. They are made with fire resistant materials and some cabinets have up to 90 minutes of fire resistance.

Within our range of cabinets, we have the UB, Q and G models. The UB model is an under bench model, which fits under fume cupboards. The Q model are larger cabinets which allow for storage of flammable substances and can be purchased with a sump to contain any leaks. Finally, the G model is made for storing gas cylinders.

Our UB and Q ranges of products all meet the EN 14470-1 guidelines for storing flammable substances and the G range is designed with EN 14470-2 in mind, which is the guideline for storing flammable gases. Our Q-Classic products comply with NPFA code 30, NPFA 1 Fire code and OSHA.

Asecos cabinets have a range of approvals showing their quality. One of these is the document EK5/AK4 09-10, which is a test principle for the Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS mark) which is a certification mark for technical equipment that meets German and European requirements. In our range of cabinets, the following have been met by GS Testing – EN 11470-1, EN 14727, EK5/AK4 09-10, ProdSG. Some of our cabinets are also approved to FM Standard 6050 and UL 1275.

EN 14727 is a European Standard for laboratory furniture. EN 14727 tests for the strength and durability of the product and prevention of injury from normal usage. The asecos range of cabinets allow for 50,000 wear free opening and closing. As well as this, some products have an arrest system with automatic door closing, which will assist in the safe removal of stored items.

We have a wide range of products that vary in size, approvals and functionality. On most there is an opportunity to change the colour of your cabinet to fit in with your workplace and there are multiple variants within ranges too, so you can get the best cabinet for you!