JCQ Exam Cabinets

The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) have regulations in place for secure storage of exam papers for GCSE, A Levels, Scottish Highers and vocational qualifications in schools, colleges and universities. When it comes to storing exam papers, centres must make sure they follow all guidelines set by the JCQ.

Exam papers must be stored securely in a room within a centre’s campus, there is a preference for this room to be on an upper floor with no windows or limited windows which must have bars fitted. Doors must also have a secure locking system with 2 to 4 people having access.

The JCQ’s requirement is ‘a box within a box’, so in a centre’s secure room there needs to be space for storage such as a strong non-portable safe, non-portable security cabinet with multi-point locking system or metal cabinet with full length external locking bar, bolted to a wall or the floor. As with access to the secure room only 2-4 people can access the storage where exam papers are kept.

Here at Safety Storage Centre we have multiple choices on offer for fire resistant document cabinets, most of which are perfect for any establishment needing to follow the JCQ guidelines. The cabinets we have available vary in size, fire rating and price. But whichever you purchase from the list below will be great at keeping your exam papers safe before and after the exams have taken place.

See below how they compare. If you are interested in looking further into a model, click through to the website by clicking the link. Alternatively give one of our friendly sales team a call on 01724 281044 and they will help you find the cabinet that is best for you.